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Bicarbonate of Soda

Using bicarbonate of soda is an affordable way to clean your home, without using any toxins. A multi-purpose product, safely use as: an all-purpose cleaner, limescale remover, laundry detergents, softener, air fresheners and other household products.

Food-grade bicarbonate of soda is useful all around the home, workshop or garden. It is simple and particularly economical to use: as scouring powder, descaling product, laundry booster, dishwashing product, oven cleaner, deodorant, water softener, etc.

Ideas for use - carpet cleaner, fabric softener, cleaning and cleaning metals.

Storage - keep away from any moisture.

Keep out of reach of children
Do not clean aluminium with baking soda (safe for other metal surfaces and alloys)
Do not use for silk and wool
  • Made in the UK
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Home compostable packaging
  • Resealable packaging
  • Vegan friendly

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